OrthoKlinik AVSTRIA

MD. PhD. Harm M. van der Vis

Orthopedic and trauma surgeon

From childhood I have been driven by motion: sailing was my passion in my early childhood. Later I started rowing and participated (Groningen) in many (inter) national competitions as the Royal Henley Regatta.
My interest in orthopedics originated during my studies Medicine in Groningen in the anatomical laboratory. The miracle of the interaction between joints, tendons, muscles and nerves that allow humans to move, to perform tasks and to influence his environment. It was important to learn the perfection of anatomy and then to obtain knowledge of its loss due to illness or an accident. Next, to first learn the surgical skills to be able to restore or at least improve any disabilities caused by this. Orthopedics gave me the ability to control pain and to restore mobility for my patients. And to give them the pleasure in life back. Not many professions grant these challenges and opportunities.
I studied under the guidance of Prof. Dr. René Marti at the AMC in Amsterdam and was becoming along the way more excited. The combination of performing some very difficult technical procedures and the pleasure of being in contact with the patients which I was treating have enlightend to this day the often long and physically demanding workdays.
Additionally, I have always committed myself in the field of research, especially among other things to processes of loosening of hip protheses. The subject of my thesis is based on this and this has resulted in my PhD in 1997. I had the opportunity to work with with several major orthopedic surgeons in Europe including Prof. Dr. Per Aspenberg, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weber, Dr. Dr. Tomas Drobny and Prof. Dr. Niklaus Bohler. I spend much time as a trainer of young enthusiastic doctors in the Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam, to guide them to the point as a full orthopedic surgeon.
In Ave-Orthopedic clinics and now OrthoHaus, both founded with my colleague from the first hour and friend Robert Albers, I have found the environment to be able to apply my in years accumulated knowledge and skill with all the attention for the patient. An independent center for orthopedics with a team of motivated people. Where orthopedic treatments at high quality level is offered. In the Netherlands and in Austria. A place where I work with pleasure.


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